Going Green

Saving the planet one day at a time

If we want to help our planet, there are many things we can do that will help and play a part to keep our environment clean and safe.

Batonka is seriously committed to safeguarding our environment today and for generations to come. We have not only invested in conservation programmes and environmental protection but have also committed to promoting energy efficiency, reduced water usage and recycling of refuse in our business.

The main features were incorporated in the construction and running of Batonka to ensure that we played our part in keeping our natural environment in a healthy state are:

  • Solar Heating water boilers throughout the lodge – we are fortunate to have a climate that is sunny most of the year. Harnessing the solar energy to power the water boilers vastly reduces our electricity consumption.  
  • Grey water collection and recycling into the garden – all the grey water from the baths, showers and basins is recycled onto our gardens. Whilst we have the mighty Zambezi on our doorstep and water does not appear to be a problem as such, in the dry months, this makes a difference.
  • Inverter styled air conditioners that use less power – each room has an air – conditioner which are necessary for the summer months. We have installed air conditioning units that utilise up to 40% less power than a normal unit.
  • LED globes – we have invested in LED technology and this helps us use a fraction of the power needed with a normal globe.
  • Separation of refuse for recycling. In Victoria Falls, there is limited opportunity to separate refuse as the garbage is generally all dumped together at the municipal dump site. However, recently, there has been a private sector initiative that has started with the collection and separation of plastics and paper/cardboard. We are very proud to have joined this initiative and contributed financially to it.

We remain dedicated to making a difference and treating our environment with the respect it deserves.